Monday, January 21, 2013

The Distribution of the Fragments

Below can be seen a map produced originally in Alan Hall's article The Oenoanda Survey: 1974-76 in Anatolian Studies, Vol. 26 (1976), pp. 191-197. It is extremely useful in showing the dispersion of pieces of the inscription found up until that date. While we can note that the heaviest concentration is bunched in the centre of the city on either side of the later wall that shrunk the city's dimensions, there are quite a large number of outlying fragments at some distance from the centre. 

It should be noted that more fragments have been found since the time of the article's writing (including a piece at the theatre). It should also be noted that virtually no excavation has been undertaken and that with the pieces found believed to be less than 30% of the total that once existed there still is substantial scope for discovery all over the site. 

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